About GetMyStore

As the lifestyle is changing into more dynamic pace, Getmystore.com attends to meet the demand of fresh product with premium quality within digital platform. Carrying four leading brands in retails, Ranch Market, Farmers Market, The Gourmet by Ranch Market and Day2Day by Farmers Market, under PT. Supra Kreatif Mandiri is now getting on digital path carrying highest standards of quality, services, and assurances, as it exists in each of our stores.

Based on e-commerce platform, through Ranch Market and Farmers Market, we offer online shopping experience that are convenient, user friendly, vast selection of fresh products with best quality ranging from meat, fish, chicken, including imported and local goods.

"Get all the freshness in any minutes, leave it all to us"

We strive to only provide the freshest product selection in our site.

"No need to worry to get premium quality products, leave it to us"

We committed to provide you and your family the best quality products that fulfill the values and needs of your healthy lifestyle.